Investment advisory

Currency Overlay and Risk Management

Silva Capital offers currency overlay services to clients seeking active, non-systematic FX risk management. Our overlay strategies are designed to hedge against fluctuations in exchange rates while adding value to client portfolios. Through an options-driven approach and using our models to guide risk allocation, we provide actively-managed FX exposure while limiting downside risks. Our aim is to transform the FX swings endemic to international investing into sources of alpha.

FX Transaction Cost Analysis & Execution Consulting

Silva Capital offers FX transaction cost analysis and execution consulting services to clients seeking greater transparency in their preexisting FX arrangements with custodian banks and counterparties. Our services typically include:

  • Pricing, transparency, and FX brokerage to ensure competitive exchange rates
  • VaR analysis to quantify net currency exposure and the associated impact of portfolio volatility
  • Hedging plan development for currency exposure management and determining alpha objectives