Our Edge

Boasting over 50 years of combined industry experience, Silva Capital’s team of investment professionals have market-recognized expertise in the management of emerging market assets and the use of sophisticated options strategies to manage the associated risk. Our experience-driven approach includes thorough knowledge of local markets in the management of investments, as well as in the development of investment vehicles to suit our international clientele. The investment team has successfully navigated the various cycles of EM volatility exhibited in recent years continually incorporating this experience into its risk models.

Silva Capital’s analysis follows a structured approach that is based on fundamental macroeconomic research combined with rigorous quantitative modeling. This multifaceted approach results in transparency for our clients in the advice and solutions that we offer for their investment needs. It is the basis for our decision-making, and our solid and repeatable performance.

In short, Silva Capital provides the neccesary range of services, spanning independent research to trading and risk management, that are essential for bringing successful investing outcomes to our clients.

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