Investment Management

Knowing that every investor has unique needs and objectives, Silva Capital offers three separate investment strategies to better meet the risk and return objectives of our clients.

Absolute Return

For clients seeking aggressive investment exposure via global macro strategies, Silva Capital offers the following absolute return product:

  • Emerging Market Debt & Currency:
    Actively invests in the sovereign debt and currencies of select emerging market countries.

Managed Accounts

For clients seeking specifically tailored strategies, Silva Capital offers separate accounts which are responsive to varying risk/return preferences:

  • Emerging Market Debt:
    Custom strategies that seek to provide attractive yield from high-quality investments in the sovereign debt of select emerging market countries
  • Currency:
    Custom strategies rooted in active investments in currencies and options on currencies, primarily of emerging market countries

Joint Venture

In August 2013, Silva Capital announced a collaboration with Banorte-Ixe Funds to launch the Fixed Income investment vehicle, NTESEM.

>> Click here for more information on this joint venture.